The School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) at Temple University was in need of a brand revitalization to distinguish the school with its own identity.

My role throughout this process began by thinking about higher education in a way that was divergent from the expected. Having no prior experience in this space; my approach unfolded by asking “what one overarching theme connects all three of our programs?” The answer became clear—creating personal experiences.

The rollout of the brand was based on the idea that “Every Experience Begins With You”.
Our inbound marketing campaign was integrated into the website, and features bold typography that flexes to speak to multiple users, including graduates, undergraduates and industry leaders.

STHM and its three main programs are supported by a color palette and imagery that communicate the feeling of excitement and personal experience.

  • Date: February, 2018
  • Client: Temple University, School of Sport, Tourism & Hospitality Management
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