17 Oct 2016

Freelance Art Director for FVM

Not just a cool lobby. A talented team and cool happenings at FVM in Plymouth Meeting, PA.
Last week opened new doors and welcomed new design opportunities with a short term freelance project. I was brought in as an art director and visual designer to help support the team while a key creative lead was away on vacation.

My role was for the week involved the layout and design of a B2B corporate handbook. The challenge was to take a copy-heavy document and reformat it into a clean, visually engaging layout. My solution was to approach the project from the perspective of a UX/UI designer by establishing a grid and breaking the content into easily digestible blocks of content. Quick thumbnail sketches of page templates helped guide my design process and create and interesting flow of content to avoid each page appear too similar.

The week yielded a final product the team at FVM felt confident their new client would love.

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